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The prayer group meets every Tuesday at 10:00 AM.
​Have you ever felt the need to ask someone to pray for you? Of course you have! All of us, at one time or another, find ourselves “in need of prayer".  But perhaps many of you didn't know that right here at Third Presbyterian Church, there are loving individuals, just waiting for an opportunity to offer a prayer for someone in distress.  If anyone has a prayer concern, please contact Judith Floyd, Co-Facilitator , or Di Ricks, Co-Facilitator or the church pastor. 

You can also email to 

Claudia Carey
The Coggeshall Family
Peggy Russell
Coralie Draper
J Cortez-Nichols
L Morrissey & her Mother
Ginny Davis
Fred Holtz & Family
Kitty Ribaudo
Steve & Claudia Glover
Anne Basnight
Marlin Stockdill
Lisa McKinney
Dee Glover
Darlene Pick
Ruth Bray
Jessica Fitzgerald & Family
The Session
Pastor Larry & Peggy Toney
Our Church

Our Church Leaders
Our Church Staff
Our Community
Our Government Leaders
Our Nation
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