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New to Third?

We are welcoming and diverse community of friends that embrace each person's life and spiritual journey. Third Presbyterian is a safe place to engage your faith, to ask the difficult questions of life, to learn to know God more fully, to feel the sacred presence of the Holy Spirit, and to learn about and experience Jesus Christ more fully. Third Presbyterian is a church active in the world that cares about making a difference and seeks to demonstrate how God's love can change lives.


We are glad that you visited our website and hope you’ll visit us in person. You’ll find we are a friendly church and that there are many ways to meet people and learn more about us. Please stop by and say hello as  you  leave worship. We look forward to meeting you.


Worship Service Time? 

We have worship service on Sunday at 11:00 AM

Accessibility to Third Presbyterian Church

Third Presbyterian Church is handicap accessible. There is a cut out at the curb in front of the church on Carlton Street. Come up the sidewalk from the curb and there is a ramp that allows easy access. Our sanctuary has two pews that allow one to sit in a wheel chair or have their walker with them. The ushers will help you get to those locations.

Wondering What to Wear?

There is a range of dress from shirts and slacks to suits and ties. We are fairly casual in our dress. It is more important that you be with us than what you wear.

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